Feeding Our Soul!

What do I mean by "Feeding Our Soul"? Feeding Our Soul means to me "nurturing" ourselves whether we want to reward ourselves, pat ourselves on the back, relieve stress, repair ourselves, or make ourselves feel good. It means treating ourselves in a loving way on a regular basis, whether we're building a "Feeding Our Soul" account or responding to everyday life stressors in a healthy way.

Here then are just a few suggestions to feed our soul whether it's a little every day or once a week.

Take a walk in a park, read a good book, watch a funny movie, listen to our favorite music.
Take a yoga deep breathing class, get a massage, take a long hot bath (men, how about a professional barbershop shave, hot towels and all!).
Take a 1/2 day off from all work and plan an escape fun day.
Take a time out from everyone and everything and be selfish for just 10 minutes a day (I like to sit quietly with no noise; some people meditate, just sitting with my eyes closed does it for me!)
Give ourselves daily praise and a daily compliment (yes, everyday we might consider thinking about what we like and admire about ourselves),
Learn something new, try a new sport or activity, buy something fun or something that will give us pleasure (I discussed this one with a client just today, so scented candles, flowers to smell or look at, or anything we would enjoy in our home or work environment to bring us a smile).

Now of course, I always recommend that we engage in a regular exercise program, and eat healthy foods as our base foundation of eating since a healthy lifestyle (notice, I didn't say perfect!) promotes emotional & physical well-being. All of these will help our energy and mood too.

What ever we do to feed our souls, let's consider non-food ways (and not other harmful substances) which will bring us pleasure, feel good, and be good for us during, after and even a long after we do it.

Here's to Feeding Our Soul!